About Claire


Claire Adams is a talented soprano and violinist with an emerging career in contemporary music. Musically she stands out for her expressive sensitivity and naturalness, as well as for her versatility and eagerness to experiment. In addition, her reflective character leads her to be interested in cultural and philosophical problems.
Her artistic proposals are characterized by combining quality and musical innovation with deep social criticism.
Claire's hallmark in the artistic world is her special combination of lyrical singing and violin. It is a highly coordinated dialogue between disciplines, which intrigues the viewer and invites them to delve into it. The concentration necessary to carry out this dialogue exerts a kind of magnetism towards the viewer, creating an atmosphere of bewilderment that invites reflection.
Born in Valencia to Dutch parents, Claire received much of her musical training in Spain, later moving to the Netherlands to pursue higher education. In 2019, Claire finished her bachelor studies at Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (Tilburg). There she completed both the bachelor of lyrical singing and the bachelor of violin, being recognized at the end of her degrees with the prestigious Jacques de Leeuw Prijs 2019 award.


Jacques de Leeuw

That same year she began her bachelor studies in philosophy at the UNED (Spanish National Distance University), with the intention of acquiring a training that allows her to provide her artistic projects with a solid theoretical base.

In 2020 she was selected as a young talent in the Music Hub Brabant trajectory, which allows her to develop more deeply both in the artistic and entrepreneurial fields. To do this she receives coaching from the fabulous soprano Claron McFadden and the financial expert Meike van Zandvoort. In addition, the Music Hub route gives her the possibility to perform various concerts at renowned festivals and stages.


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