Committed to the development of contemporary music, Claire works closely with internationally recognized composers such as Fran Barajas, Jesús Castañer, Nicoline Soeter and Ximo Tarín Micó. She also receives artistic coaching from the prestigious soprano Claron McFadden to make the most of the musical and scenic potential of the combination of singing and violin.



As a lyrical soprano, Claire performs a wide variety of repertoire, notably bel canto, late romanticism, 20th century repertoire, and contemporary music. Her voice stands out for its wide range and versatility, as well as for its characteristic warm tone with bright hues. Claire continues to perfect her vocal technique with Professor Sinan Vural. She has also received numerous master classes from various renowned professionals, including Maarten Koningsbergen, Ana Sims, Margriet van Reisen and Xenia Meijer.


Claire Adams is member of the production The Beatles: el concierto. In this musical show, four vocalists bring the songs of the iconic Liverpool group to life, with novel musical arrangements bordering on a wide variety of styles. The production stands out both for its musical quality and for its elegant staging.


  • Kunstlokaal Gemert –Violin teach                                                                                               
  • MDM Vught – singing teacher                                                                                    
  • Muziekschool Sleeuwijk – Violin and singing teacher


Kunstlokaal Gemert
MDM Vught
Muziekschool Sleeuwijk



Claire is also active as a violin and singing teacher. In this sense, she focuses mainly on developing the musical sensitivity of the student, always putting the auditory before the mechanical aspects of the instrument. In this way, students acquire the necessary skills to play together, but also valuable tools that help them in their daily lives. In addition, Claire works on the instrumental technique based on the student's musical tastes, to always maintain fun and interest when making music.